Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weaving and Braiding for Less (Special offer for Syracuse, NY)

Looking to get your hair done right in the new year? Tired of paying high prices to get your hair done? Salon Styles for reasonable prices are now available. If you're tired of waiting long hours in a hair salon and paying ridiculous prices to get your hair done you've come across the right ad

Weaving and Braiding (Prices may vary depending on length and type of hair,etc):

Glue-in extensions: 35.00
Partial Sew-ins: 40.00
Full Sew-ins: 50.00
Invisible Sew-ins(latest weaving technique): 60.00 and up
Kinky Twists: 55.00

Box Braids: 35.00 and up
Micro's: 80.00 and up

This is a special offer you DON'T want to miss out on!!

*Also offer Makeup applications, manicures, colors, and more.*

Same day and following day appointments are available

Email and schedule your appointment today

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