Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Is Here!

Once again Summer is here and its that time of year to let loose. And sometimes means wanting to cut off all the beautiful long hair and go short. Well before you do that consider a short sew-in. Get your hair braided up and get a short bob or do today.

Also with wanting to go out all the time, you have to make sure your makeup and lashes look right, well with my prices for makeup application i will have you looking flawless and i include false lashes. (Eyelash extensions are priced sep.)

So come to me today and get everything you need for that summer look today.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Malaysian Sew-in Weaves

Looking for that Perfect Flawless Weave that will leave your hair looking full, longer and beautiful? The Malaysian Weave does all that and plus blends in with your hair to give it that Perfect look. There's No glue or heat to achieve this and takes less then 3 hrs to get. One without the high prices but still beautiful and flowing. Get that Flawless, Fabulous weave today. Can style your hair anyway and even wear it in a low or high ponytail. Now for a limited time get the Malaysian Sew-in Weave (usually cost in Salons: 250-700) for ONLY 60.00 for a partial and 75.00 for a full head without beads (Org. 75.00 and 95.00) or Get the most updated method or Malaysian Sew-in with beads for 75.00 for a partial and 90.00 for full head (Org. 90.00 and 120.00) well with White, Black, Asian and Latin hair types

Same day and Next Day Appointments available (in Syracuse Area Only)

Also provide the following services at affordable rates: Quick Weaves, Quick Weave Wigs, Customized Wigs, Partial sew-ins, Full braided sew-ins (full closure/inv. part available), colors, highlights, box braids, kinky twists, micro braids, manicures, eyebrow shaping and makeup applications.

To book your Appointment for a Malaysian Sew-in or any other services email Today!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weaving and Braiding for Less (Special offer for Syracuse, NY)

Looking to get your hair done right in the new year? Tired of paying high prices to get your hair done? Salon Styles for reasonable prices are now available. If you're tired of waiting long hours in a hair salon and paying ridiculous prices to get your hair done you've come across the right ad

Weaving and Braiding (Prices may vary depending on length and type of hair,etc):

Glue-in extensions: 35.00
Partial Sew-ins: 40.00
Full Sew-ins: 50.00
Invisible Sew-ins(latest weaving technique): 60.00 and up
Kinky Twists: 55.00

Box Braids: 35.00 and up
Micro's: 80.00 and up

This is a special offer you DON'T want to miss out on!!

*Also offer Makeup applications, manicures, colors, and more.*

Same day and following day appointments are available

Email and schedule your appointment today

Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My Inspirations!

Happy New Year and what I year I am preparing for, looking to build my list of customers and researching more looks of inspiration to use with brides, models, and in collaborations with photographers. Above is some of my everyday inspirations which are vibrate colors but still simple and sexy. I am looking to recreate these looks and be able to post my own versions of them soon. Stay for much more coming from ISIS MAKEUP by LaToya including specials, new photos, and more.